Saturday 12:00-20:00
Sunday 11:00-19:00

30/9/2023 – 1/10/2023

Spilia Village


The Mushroom Festival has been held in Spilia since 2018 and Kyriakides Mushrooms responded immediately to the community’s invitation to participate. Since then, we have had the pleasure of co-organizing this Festival for 4 years now, which is a great honour for us as the Mushroom Festival is a huge celebration for nature lovers and children alike.

We invite you to participate in this extraordinary mushroom festival, where we “honour” all the mushrooms that nature so generously gives us both wild and cultivated, which everyone gets to taste freshly picked, in just a few hours after harvesting.

At last year’s Mushroom Festival, the Spilia community, the Cyprus Chefs Association and Kyriakides Mushrooms built the largest pan ever seen with a diameter of 4 metres! The pan was placed in the square of the Festival and was used to break the World Record for the largest serving of sautéed mushrooms with a total weight of 1210 kg!

This year, together with the amazing chefs from the Cyprus Chefs Association, the giant frying pan will once again take centre stage and we will cook with great care and love, a huge mushroom orzo! All proceeds from the sales of this dish will be donated to the “Amerikos Argyriou” Centre for Preventive Paediatrics and the “Monadika Xamogela” Association, to help our fellow human beings with rare diseases.


This year, for the 5th time, Kyriakides Mushrooms in collaboration with the Cyprus Chefs Association and the mountain community of Spilia, present the 5th Annual Mushroom Festival. This year, we wanted to offer our support and love to our fellow human beings by organizing something special. We are re-using the giant frying pan, that last year helped us break the world record for the largest serving of sautéed mushrooms, we will lovingly cook a huge mushroom orzo, which will be available for sale and all proceeds from its sales will be donated to 2 charities. To the “Monadika Xamogela” Association, an association dedicated to providing support, information and specialist care for people with rare diseases, from early diagnosis, to specialized treatments and ongoing help for sufferers and their families, and to the “Amerikos Argyriou” Centre for Preventive Paediatrics which offers specialized national prenatal and neonatal screening programmes.